Samsung has $ 80 billion ready to keep up with Intel and TSMC in semiconductor manufacturing

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The semiconductor crisis is putting in check virtually all industries that depend on integrated circuits to maintain their production volume, such as automotive, household appliances, or personal computing, among many others. However, for semiconductor manufacturers, it represents an opportunity. The opportunity to grow in this market knowing that any investment they make will pay off relatively quickly.

Samsung has $ 80 billion ready to keep up with Intel and TSMC in semiconductor manufacturing

The movements of the largest producers of integrated circuits on the planet have not been long in coming. TSMC announced in mid-April that it will invest no less than 100 billion dollars over the next three years in new facilities in order to strengthen its production capacity. Currently, this Taiwanese company is the largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world, so it is understandable that it is willing to invest as large a figure as this to maintain its competitiveness.

Intel plans to make a similar move, although its investment is not as intimidating as TSMC’s. Pat Gelsinger, the new CEO of this company, announced at the end of last March that 20 billion dollars will be spent to set up two new semiconductor factories on his campus in the town of Ocotillo, Arizona ( USA). In addition, they have created a new division known as IFS ( Intel Foundry Services ) that will not only be responsible for the production of chips with x86-64 architecture but also ARM and RISC-V

Samsung does not want to stay off the hook of Intel and TSMC

This situation has caused Samsung to also move tab. And it is understandable when we bear in mind that TSMC and Intel are two of its biggest competitors in the semiconductor market. Samsung will invest 17 billion dollars in the construction of a new integrated circuit factory that will be located in the United States.

The judicial process that Lee Jae-yong, the vice president of Samsung, is facing, has caused a delay in the choice of the final location of these facilities, but the states that compete to host them are Texas, Arizona, and New York.

However, the choice of the United States as the destination for its new semiconductor factory is not accidental. A company with the size that Samsung has does not go without a thread, and this move shows its intention to fight with Intel in its own market.

An 80 billion dollar box ready to invest

One of the most disruptive decisions Intel has made to strengthen its competitiveness as a semiconductor manufacturer is to start producing integrated circuits for third parties. This is essentially what TSMC and GlobalFoundries do, and Samsung, although it manufactures for itself in large quantities, also works for other companies. In fact, it is currently producing the GeForce RTX 30 family of graphics processors for NVIDIA at its 8nm node.

The reason why Samsung has decided to build its new semiconductor factory in the United States, and not in South Korea, or, perhaps, in the European Union, presumably responds to the need to strengthen its position in the American market, especially after the move that Intel has announced. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, this company has net cash of at least 80 billion dollars, so it is likely that in the coming months it will unveil new investments aimed at strengthening its position in the manufacturing industry. integrated circuits.

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