Pig-Wild Boar Hybrids Born At Fukushima Nuclear Accident Site

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A new species of hybrid pig dominates the vicinity of Fukushima, now abandoned after the nuclear catastrophe a decade ago.

pig and wild boar hybrid

After Fukushima’s nuclear catastrophe in 2011, wildlife has thrived in the city. Completely abandoned by human activity – and presence -, the areas surrounding the old fusion plant have re-flourished with new species, which have appropriated the space inhospitable. The most recent combination was a wild boar hybrid pig, which won the hearts of researchers at Fukushima University.

A decade of coexistence

Wild boars roam the fertilized area after the nuclear disaster. For 10 years, they have taken over the territory. The sighting of this new hybrid pig caught the attention of various Japanese scientists, who took DNA samples to find out its genetic makeup.


fukushima pig and wild boar hybrid

“While radiation has not caused a genetic effect, the invasive domestic pig species has,” explained Donovan Anderson, who is in charge of leading the research project.

As with Chernobyl, the restriction zones around the old plant have allowed nature to re-establish itself. Because of radiation, no humans mess with anyone.

Invaded by domestic cattle, the ancient city is now green with a different glow. According to experts, it was only with the help of wild boars that this hybrid pig could come into being. The discovery was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B, where a biological chart was made that considers the positive consequences of the nuclear disaster on the diversity of Fukushima.

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