Google’s monopoly could end because of this new search engine

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Google could see its superiority as a search engine diminish as the Ahrefs company, known for its SEO tools, is developing a search engine that will give 90% of the advertising profits to the creators.

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No one is surprised since Google has taken control and monopoly of the search engine market, since we, the users, have allowed it.

The company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin has been imposing its law in the field of Internet search engines for many years, being, by far, the most used, far ahead of other alternatives such as Microsoft’s BingDuckDuckGo, or veteran Yahoo! who was his main rival at the time when the writer spent hours and hours in the now almost extinct cyber centers.

Ahrefs is now developing a new search engine that breaks with Google’s business model since it will give 90% of its advertising revenue to content creators (digital newspapers, blogs, websites …) while Google currently gives 0% of search engine revenue to content creators consumed by search searchers.

Google earns 100 Billion a year with the advertising of its search engine

Dmitry Gerasimengo, founder and CEO of Ahrefs, has spoken of the project of his search engine on Twitter, pointing out that Google earns 100 Billion dollars with the advertising of his search engine and inviting us to imagine ” if they suddenly implemented a profit model of 90 / 10 that would give 90 billion dollars a year to those who create and publish the content “which is what they want to do precisely with this new search engine.

The business model is encouraging for those of us who create content on the Internet, especially if we take into account that Google has set a course in which it increasingly invites fewer users to access the websites that create content offering a lot of information without leaving the search engine, generating more income for Google and depriving the websites that, precisely, are responsible for creating the content that they often use at zero cost.

Ahrefs is currently in the testing phase and its creators assure that very soon users will be able to use it freely in their browsers. Will it manage to “threaten” Google or will it be relegated like the search engines we have cited above?

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