Don’t call it “Xiaomi Mi”, just call it “Xiaomi”: the company says goodbye to the surname “Mi” in its products

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Those who are fans of Xiaomi products surely noticed a peculiar detail a few weeks ago. When Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi MIX 4, it did not call it Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 as it happened with the previous ones (see Mi MIX 3) but simply called it Xiaomi MIX 4.

xiaomi Mi 12

The same happened with the tablets, which instead of being Xiaomi Mi Pad 5 were baptized as Xiaomi Pad 5. The last name “Mi” had disappeared from these new products and it was not a mistake, but it is the next big step for Xiaomi: get rid of the “Mi” so that the products are, simply, Xiaomi.

Goodbye Mi

The surname “Mi” has been present in the Chinese firm since the launch of its first mobile phone back in August 2011. Since then, “Mi” has accompanied countless products of the company, such as the Mi Smart Band 6, Mi Watch, My TV, My Selfie Stick Tripod, and so on to infinity.

The only devices of the brand that do not have this surname are the products of its sub-brands, namely Redmi and POCO. With this move, Xiaomi seeks to unify its ” global brand presence ” and close “the perception gap between the brand and its products.” They also emphasize that “this change may take some time to be applied in all regions.”

xiaomi removed mi from its name

Company sources indicate that with the introduction of the new brand identity, two series of products will be located under the parent brand, as we can see in the image above. The first will be Xiaomi, which will be linked to premium products. The second will be Redmi , aimed at “a younger audience” and with more affordable prices.

It should be noted that the surname “Mi” will not only go away from mobiles, but will disappear from its entire ecosystem and IoT products in the future . Thus, it is expected that the next mobiles of the firm, such as the one that would normally be “Xiaomi Mi 12”, will be “Xiaomi 12”, without further ado. What’s more, it would not be strange if the recently leaked Xiaomi Mi 11T Pro is, simply, Xiaomi 11T Pro.

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