China wants to conquer Mars and confirms that it will build a permanent base in 2033

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The space calendar of the Asian giant begins to take shape. Trying to overtake other agencies, They wants to establish a colony with missions scheduled for 2033, 2035, 2037, 2041, and 2043.

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China is clear about what its program of expansion and space conquest will be for the next decades. The Asian giant wants to put the first human being on Mars by 2033, as confirmed by Wang Xiaojun, head of the main Chinese rocket manufacturer in an official presentation. His plans, echoed by the Global Times, detail the construction of a permanent Martian colony and numerous manned missions in the coming years. While it is not final, it is a concise and faithful commitment to your space program.

They seek to build a base on Mars and boost their space program

The director of the China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology has been in charge of announcing all plans for Mars in a talk framed within the Global Space Exploration Conference (GLEX 2021). We remind you that China sent a rover to the surface of the red planet with great success, and in the coming years, this type of mission will be recurrent. The idea is to send more robots, advanced exploration vehicles, or even androids, as the report remarks, to guarantee the collection of evidence and data that will allow us to send human beings in the future. “The nuclear thrusters considered the main option for manned exploration missions to Mars, “explained Wang. NASA has also reached that conclusion and has already closed a deal with Lockheed Martin and Blue Origin for the construction of a nuclear reactor that allows the displacement of future ships and rockets without relying on current fuel logistics.

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Wang has confirmed that he is also working on the construction of an extraterrestrial propulsion and launch system or Sky Ladder. This starting point, in the form of a special station, would orbit close to the Moon or Earth and would reduce the scale of the probe and transport missions to Mars, although China does not want to give more details about it. Mars is also the great goal of the United States, which has drawn up its plans to bring a human being to the surface of the planet. Billionaire Elon Musk has spoken openly on the subject, highlighting the dangers humanity will face in this new stage of the special race.

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